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Healthy Banana Pops!

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How To: 

Peel Banana's and cut in half, run a skewer up each half and place on a plate with wax paper until frozen. 

{ This step is optional however peanut butter makes everything better }  -  On stovetop melt on low heat; 1 cup of peanut butter & 1 tbs of coconut oil till smooth. Take your frozen Banana pop and dip to cover in peanut butter, the peanut butter will freeze on it.

We used Natural flavored Coyo Coocnut Yogurt but you can use any brand you choose. Separate your yogurt into two cups and mix in 1 tsp - 1 tbs of  POPJOY Pitaya powder  to one & POPJOY Blue Spirulina to the other to color it naturally. Then dip or spread onto your Banana pop.

Sprinkle and Decorate your Banana pop with your favorite healthy toppings! We used freeze dried raspberry crumbles and chia seeds! Here are some other ideas - coconut shreds, granola, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, any nuts or seeds...


If you don't eat them all for some reason then keep in the freezer till you have a sweet craving and you'll be satisfied with one of these healthy Banana pops!

Also you can try this same method with any fruit of your choice!! Get creative!

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